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1.What does your "Integrated LED" mean?
Integrated LED lights have the LEDs actually built into the fixture itself. Just as our LED integrated batten light, LED chips are pasted into the fixture, so you won't need a ballast for batten.
This integrated light will make installation easier
2.How long do LEDs really last?
LED lights has a very long lifespan, normally the market gives 35,000 hours. If people use 8 hours per day, then we can have for 35,000/8/365=11.98 years
All our LED Lights we give 50,000 hours and 3 years warranty , that means you can have your light for 17 years
3.How to choose the Color of the Light ?Bright is 2700 Kelvin or 6500 Kelvin?
We professional name CCT for light color :
2700-3000K as warm light, just as the morning sunshine;
4000-4500K to daylight, just as the mid-noon sunshine;
while 6500-7000K is cold light,just as snow
In general though, Higher CCT light like 6500K will appear brighter than 2700K
4.Can the LED lights be dimmed?
Yes. Almost all of our LEDs are dimmable with optional function
5. What are ballast compatible LED Tubes?
A ballast compatible tube is one where you can pull out the existing tube, leave the ballast installed, and install the LED tube.
6.How can Iinstall the light ? Will I need any accessory ?
For our big slim panel lights, you can install it by hanging with drop strings; you can also put it in to a cut hole recessed
For our led single t8 tubes, you just need take off your ballast and then put our tubes
For our led batten lights, you just need fix it on to the wall
All these lights will have accessories coming together when shipped out
7.Can how Idistribute your lights ?
We warmly welcome interested dealer and distributor join us. For cooperation, just contact our sales, we will have a distributor/dealer contract for you. We will also give you the best support and some free promotions